Drums, Drums, Drums, Sticks, Cymbals, Percussion and Advice.
'Drumming Shop' the title say’s it all, we'll put it on a tin!
We Live, Eat, and Breathe Drums.

With years of experience, playing, on tours, in studios and tuition at the highest levels, we have the knowledge to help you, whether it's your first kit or your ultimate set up!

  • We're here for you... run buy Drummers, for Drummers, come and chat about everything drums, squeaky pedal, repairs, re-heading before your next gig? We are THE experts...
  • - Need a drum sound, we'll get it!
    - Need a recording, we'll give it.
    - Need to play a track, we'll teach it!
    - Need some Love, that's the old shop..! (come in, we'll explain!)
  • The Drumming Shop! Vocalists stay with your mirror!, Bass players stay with your pipe and real ale! Guitarists we only have one door that opens, and we do go to eleven! Keyboard players, just stay with your geeky toys, and swot up on the manuals.