All the basement Studio equipment is for hire and has been hired for some of the greatest and latest recordings, from death metal to R&B, we know it's the best..!

Want to hire, dont see it here?
Send your requirements and we'll get it!

You have a taste (below) of the Drummers and Equipment. just send your track and we will get back to you with all other details!


From all the main manufacturers, designed for the job.
Shure, Bayer, audix, AKG, and vintage mic's available on request with our experience and mic's available we'll get your sound!

We have a supply of heads, and the best tech around, we even factor in the size of sticks and player.

Percussion Equipment

Firstly, the heart of any drum sound, the drums...
We have Yamaha 9000: Toms 8" 10" 12" 13" 14" 15" 16" 18" and 12"13" 14" 15", Concert Toms and Bass Drums (Kick) 20"22"24"

Maple custom absolute: 12"14"16"- 24"

Mapex, Yamaha, Premier, Sonor, Tama, plus we have Vintage kits (to many to mention here), even our Jam kit: 10" x 4" / 14"14" / 22"x 8" (yes real sizes and it's one of the most recorded kits around) a selection of Snare drums, Moden and Vintage from Yamaha 9000, steel, maple /Tama: Bell Brass & Warlord babinga, Ludwig: (usual beauties) Pearl, Sonor, Premier, Olympic and Custom. Cymbals Various: to many to list from 24" rides 20" crashes to 6" splashes China/Effect cymbals. Vintage cymbals Zildijian, Sabian, Paiste, Zyn? etc, etc...

The (Techy) Business End

We run the fastest Apple Mac's we can with the latest Logic pro and Pro tools software.
All supplied, and maintained by "Scrumpymacs" and we thank them for there constant support!

Our state of the art desk being firewire there's no lag or mess, just your pure sound!