The basement Studioas it say’s, a recording studio but, dedicated to percussion and DrumsWe are the Professionals when it comes to drum sounds/recording.

We really do know what were talking about, Webby’s first recording session was in 1971 and has since recorded in some of the main studios in the UK. Webby's been the drum technician on many tours and recordings, being dubbed “The Drum Doctor” by some of the best players in the world. Need it recorded? We'll do it right!

See our very comprehensive list of equipment to choose from, if you want that specific sound, we have it!

Using the latest Logic or Protools programmes on our state of the art Mac’s, we can send your file completely bare, or with the required effects on.

We exclusively offer a menu of drummers:
You want that feel, that approach, that energy, that groove, you want that style, see our list of drummers and book them to play on your recording!